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Zetaman Launching new RLSH site Nov 1.


Real Life Superheroes.

This is a very strange term. It is something I have struggled with for over 2 years now. Openly I have called myself a Costume Activist. I firmly believe that real life superheroes are those who serve the public selflessly. Individuals like our police officers and firefighters. Nurses, Doctors and EMTs. People in the military. Those individuals who give their times and lives for the good of the people. I admire and respect them all. I wish I can make a difference like them.

In an effort to emulate their actions and add in my love of comics, I laced up my boots and put on the spandex and go out and do stuff. I am not effective. In this world where so many things are happening, who can truly fix what is going on in the world?

I am not alone in this feeling. Over the past 3 or 4 years, men and women have decided to stand out in a very strange way to rely their desire to see some kind of right in the world. Those few want to see the change in the world and like Gandhi stated, they want to be the change in their world. Defying social views of normalcy, they have taken a unique method ofconveying their message. They have transformed themselves into icons, inspired by fictional characters found in their youth…Comic Book Superheroes.

Comic book characters have become more mainstream. Heroic figures like Superman and Spiderman are internationally known. What they stand for is also known world wide. And a whole sub culture have been inspired by the lessons and values illustrated and written by very talented people like Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Neal Adams, Mark Waid, Alex Ross, so on and so forth. The sub culture wants to see change in the world. And in very unique way are working to be the change.

However, the Real Life Superhero sub culture has yet to demonstrate a set of core beliefs. In the comics, Batman and Superman have common beliefs despite their personal methods. Whatever differences there are to Captain America to Wolverine, there are core fundamental beliefs that help to unite them all. The Real Life Superheroes have yet to discover that… until now.

For too long we, as a culture, have remain ambiguous to what a Real Life Superhero is. In an effort to not to discourage people or to be prejudice. And in a budding culture, all beliefs should be accepted. But the ultimate goal of any civil servant should be to serve the public. And the public should have a good idea about those who wish to make a difference, even if they dress like weirdos.
 We want to take our unique idea and foster a pro social movement. We want to express ourselves outside of the box. We want to make changes in our lives. We want to believe that there can be Real Superheroes. We want people to know that they can be superheroes too.

With that in mind, there will be a new site debuting. This sub culture flourished because of the availability of communication via the internet. It is only fitting that the foundation should start there. A small gathering of individuals have put aside their differences because they have found similarities in their beliefs despite differences in methods. And they believe that it is time to evolve the community of Real Life Superheroes to become a force for good.

http://www.therlsh.com will be online November 1st. This is not a team. This is a registry of individuals who believe that people who want to be Real Life Superheroes should act the part. In the comics, there was never a doubt on what superheroes stand for. If we are emulating that, then there should be no doubt on what we stand for as well.

Personally, I realize that there will be backlash online. Some people will not like what this means. It is my hope that what therlsh.com establishes will inspire people to be better heroes rather than tear down. I personally believe something needs to be out there so the public has a better idea of what we stand for. That our goals are coming from good intentions. That a few of us have discovered peace in struggling to make a difference while demonstrating our creativity in the process. And for those individuals who will be offended by what is on the site, I ask that you use it as a reference point to your own individual desires and self made missions in life.

The best example of individuals coming together for a better cause was best demonstrated at last weekend's Superheroes Anonymous meeting. People came together in different outfits and goals and help make some differences in New Orleans. When it came down to it, it didn't matter what people looked like or what activities they do in their heroic identities. In the end, they were all equal in lifting hammers and other tools to build houses. They were equal in making a unified statement about no violence against the youth. In the end, they were a pro social force.

It is time to evolve to make a positive impact in our communities and in our lives. It is time for a change.
It is time for TheRLSH.com...

The countdown is on. November 1st, 2008




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