Dress up a mask and become a super hero for others

A masked superhero might be a real life hero. We can become one if we have the right sense of justice and instill that courage in others. Working on other people’s problems is there a way to make our work more meaningful and impactful. That’s why we should not only think about having cool gadgets […]

Become a super hero in your city

These days, more and more societies have created “super hero” – social media users who enable others to accomplish great things in a very short time. They can take actions that are hard to achieve by themselves. They can also perform a variety of tasks that are required by society. So what makes a super […]

Become a Real-life superhero – help others

The concept of “superhero” should not be limited just to Superman or Batman. There are many people, in every field, who could be considered super heroes because they can change the world. There are many ways that you can help others without actually becoming a superhero. Providing passive income and taking care of your family […]

Real-life superhero

The DC game, “D.C. Noir”, is an example of an arcade style game in which the player takes on the role of the superhero D.C. The player has to help the “hero” Prince Nightwing (an ex-mobster with superhuman strength and agility) save D.C from being robbed by a bunch of criminals. Just like superheroes, we […]