Dress up a mask and become a super hero for others

We all have that one superhero we look up to. But what if becoming a super hero was within our own hands? Sometimes it’s not about wishing for power or strength, but about being empowered by the little things we do that can make a difference in someone else’s life. That is exactly where dress […]

Become a super hero in your city

We all want to make a difference, whether that’s big and bold or something small and subtle, but being a superhero in your own city is an especially rewarding way to do it. Superheroes in cities are often seen as people who help their communities out through charity work or volunteering – painting murals, feeding […]

Become a Real-life superhero – help others

We all want to be superheroes; saving the day and making the world a better place. But it’s not an easy job, and the amount of work nurses, doctors, firemen, and other frontline workers do in our society is commendable. While these are traditionally the most common ways to help others in a real-life setting, […]

Real-life superhero

It’s a story straight out of a comic book – real life superheroes are roaming around some of the world’s cities, putting their lives on the line to protect those less fortunate. These brave and determined individuals don masks and capes to stand up to crime and provide assistance to people who may not be […]